15 Twitter Account You Should Follow To Always Stay Ahead On SEO

15 Twitter Account You Should Follow To Always Stay Ahead On SEO

Kris Jones
Kris is one of the leading experts in the SEO field. The former CEO and President of Pepperjam, a company he founded and later on sold, is now an advisor for Internet Marketing Ninjas. Probably one of the most accomplished internet entrepreneurs on the market, he’s also published the book Search-Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint to Effective Internet Marketing, selling tens of thousands of copies.

Murray Newlands
You’ve probably seen Murray’s name before. He’s a marketing specialist who’s well known for the articles that he writes for well-known newspapers, magazines and blogs such as The Guardian, Entrepreneur.com, VentureBeat, or Inc.com. He’s has co-authored the book Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals with Bruce Clay.

Bruce Clay
Speaking of Bruce, he’s the founder of the company that bears his name (Bruce Clay, Inc.). Since he founded the company, back in 1996, it has been one of the leading platforms for search engine optimization. He also authored Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies. There’s so much you knowledge on his Twitter and website that you shouldn’t even think about skipping this guy.

Marty Weintraub
Marty is one of the current leading innovators in SEO. Having founded AimClear, a company that works with giants such as Firestone or Intel, he’s also been named “US Search Personality Of The Year” back in 2013. If that’s not enough for you, know that he’s been in the “Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts” for 3 consecutive years.

John Rampton
John is right up there at the top, being named twice in the top 10 of the “25 Most Influential PPC Experts” top. He’s also a blogging expert that frequently writes for Forbes Magazine, The Examiner, and others, and has been recently named #3 on the Top 50 Online Influencers in the World.

Marcus Tober
Marcus is one of the pioneers of search analytics software. He started with a search engine optimization tool called linkvendor.com, and moved on to founding his own SEO company, called Searchmetrics back in 2007. Since then, he’s worked with giant companies such as Symantec, Siemens, and T-Mobile.

Cynthia Johnson
The list wouldn’t be complete without Cynthia, whom we all know as “The Social Media Girl”. She’s the director of a big company and a frequent writer for Entrepreneur.com. Even better, she holds a weekly Twitter chat called #TheSMGirl. Get it? Some of the companies she’s worked with include Levi’s and Chevrolet.

Jayson DeMers
Jayson entered the SEO marketing world in 2008. In 2010 he founded AudienceBloom, a marketing agency that focuses on SEO, social marketing, content marketing, and PR. He’s a very popular contributor on sites like Search Engine Watch, Forbes and Entrepreneur.com. His main goal is to help small business owners understand SEO.

Heidi Cohen
Heidi’s been in the search game for as long as we can remember. She’s worked up the ladder working with brands like The Economist, Citibank, Bertelsmann, and DoubleDay. Moreover, after getting her AB and MBA with honors, she started teaching marketing classes at universities like Rutgers and New York University.

Loren Baker
Loren is the founder of Search Engine Journal and probably one of the best known SEO entrepreneurs on the market. He’s worked with companies from the Fortune 500, such as Disney or General Motors.

Bob Rains
Bob is the SEO Nerd at CBS Interactive. He’s known for his innovative strategies in the digital world and also for working with companies such as Puma and Betfair. His most favorite place is definitely the SEOktoberfest, because you can find him speaking there most of the time.

Pratik Dholakiya
Pratik is a well-accomplished entrepreneur. He’s best known for his skills in SEO consulting and digital marketing strategies. His pride is that he provides his clients with pragmatic plans and results. You’ve probably seen his articles in Forbes and SEW.

Brian Honigman
Brian has founded the company that bears his name (Honigman Media) and is an accomplished SEO and content marketing consultant. He’s also a professional speaker, having spoken for UNICEF in the past.

Dr. Peter J. Meyers
Dr. Pete, as he’s known in the SEO world, probably brought the SEO optimization to a whole other level because he’s a cognitive psychologist that specializes in online marketing. He’s one of the marketing scientists at Moz.

Avinash Kaushik
Avinash is best known for his best-selling books Web Analytics: An Hour a Day and Web Analytics 2.0. All of the money from the sales of his books go to charity. In the SEO world he’s the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, the Chief Education officer at Market Motive and he’s also on the board of advisors for several US Universities.