Energy Efficiency Solutions For National Electrical

Energy Efficiency Solutions For National Electrical

Energy efficiency being required to be made by whoever is in line with the increasing population and rapid economic growth. The high electrical energy needs will not offset by the availability of electrical power by PT PLN, makes blackouts can not circumvented. While in various places there are still many areas that have yet to get a chance to get a supply of electricity.

On the other hand, PT. PLN himself also faced the question of which no light, because the selling price of electric energy is cheaper than the price of production. This is because most of the electrical energy is produced with the help of FUEL whose price continues to soar, along with other issues, such as: the deficiency of generating system, transmission, and distribution.

Low selling price of electric energy is also building the wrong mindset in our society, which makes them reluctant to support energy-saving campaign that had long been exhaled by the Government.

Other problems related to energy efficiency is the geographical condition of Indonesia located near the Khatulistsiwa Line and has many islands. With this condition, other than a little difficult to do a benchmark on the electric energy consumption efficiency, as well as encourage the use of electric power at the same time. It is caused due to the activities performed by the inhabitants of Java and Sumatra, for example, is done in the same time, they sleep and wake up at the same time, as well as working at the same time. As a result, in all parts of Java and Sumatra during peak loads occur at the same time, so that the benefits of interconnection system that is expected to reduce the load of peaks do not occur.

The complexity of the question of the national electricity, need energy efficiency solution thoroughly from all elements of society, especially among the industry as users of electrical energy with large scale. The issue is, it turns out even though all perpetrators of the industry know and are aware of the importance of energy saving, but most do not know, how to do the saving.

This is where Sewatama with the business lines, Energy Efficiency, gives the answer to the question of saving electric energy in large scale mainly in the energy sector. With her ability and with the means, the Sewatama will help solve customers who want energy efficiency solutions thoroughly. (*)