Digital Marketing – A Novel Method

Digital Marketing – A Novel Method

Digital marketing is the process of marketing products through digital means of communication like the internet, mobile and through any other interactive channels of communication. This is said to be an extension of transacting through the internet; because in digital marketing, transactions can be made through SMS, display, or MMS.

Features of digital marketing: In digital marketing, there is no face to face communication between the buyer and seller. For example, when a product is offered through SMS, he may communicate his acceptance through a reply SMS. That completes the transaction of sale. This is the distinguishing feature of a digital market. Similarly, the transactions may take place through email and other non-direct means.

Classification: The digital market is divided into two viz., ‘pull’ and ‘push’. The features of these forms of marketing and their respective advantages and disadvantages are briefly discussed here:

‘Pull’ form of digital marketing: In this form, the role of the person visiting the website is more important. Here the customer has to visit the required website and then ‘pull out’ the required information directly from the web. It is sufficient if the contents appear in the web. No effort is made to send the message to the customer because the customer pulls out the information from the web.

Advantages of ‘pull form’: In this form, there is no restriction imposed on the contents; either on the size of the contents or any graphics attached. There is no opt-in operation in this method.

Disadvantages of ‘pull form’: Since the customer has to pull out the data, he should have thorough knowledge of the product so that he can easily pull out the information. This system lacks personal attention of the seller. In some cases, there may be restrictions on downloads, which may hinder the transfer of information to the buyer.

‘Push form of digital marketing’: In ‘push’ form, there is effort required from both the buyer and the seller. The seller pushes the information to the buyer, say in the form of SMS or email. The buyer responds to the SMS or email. So, there is interaction of both and this results in greater understanding between the two.

Advantages of ‘push’ form: This form is more personalized because the persons interact with each other. The persons contacted could be a specific group; say for example, students or teachers or women who are above 35 years. At the same time, a record of the persons who have seen the message can also be tabulated. This personal approach will be helpful in trade.

Disadvantages of ‘push’ form: The technology used for delivering the message may have some restrictions and as a result, there could be some hindrance in delivering the message. This could also be caused because of not following messaging protocol. In such cases, the very purpose of messaging is defeated.

Therefore, it is suggested that a better approach is to combine both pull and push pattern of marketing and this multi-communication mode will have greater impact on the marketing ability.