Integration of Renewable Power Plants

power plant

Renewable energy sources have proven to be potential alternative to fossil energy sources. Power plant  that long time ago could be operated only by using fossil fuel is now capable to produce electricity by using renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and water energy. Since those renewables are counted as newbie in power generation, the technology to process them is also still young and need much more improvements to make the generation of power reach the most efficient level.

Up to now, there are two ways in improving renewable power plant’s efficiency to generate power; they are technology advancements and integration of power plants. The first option, technology advancements, seems still develop at early stages. People still need more and more time to make the fullest of renewable power plant’s technology. Although every day we can see the development progress of renewables, its efficiency is still low. In fact, when talking about power generation’s sustainability, renewables sources highly depend on weather, climate, and other natural occurrences that disturb sustainability a lot. Due to this circumstances, second option—integration of renewable power plants—seems much more promising.

To make power plant gives sufficient electricity, one renewable power plant generally is not enough to provide constant and sustainable power. For instance, when using solar power plant, you can get maximum electricity when the sun shines brightly. Then, when the weather goes bad, you cannot get solar energy anymore. This situation can be avoided if you use integration of renewables strategies. The key is implementing more than one types of renewable power plant. This strategy requires you to be creative to choose what kind of renewables sources you will use. Solar and wind energy can be a good partner to offer sustainability. When the sun goes down, wind will take over your electricity needs. Excess energy from both power plants can be stored in battery to be used later. You can also use three renewables sources to secure your power supply. Add water energy power plant if you can reach place where water flows regularly.

Integration of renewables sources is still the most logic and usable strategy today. To make it perfect, you can use hybrid power plant for your renewables such as solar/diesel or wind/diesel. This mix will maximize your electricity input and output.