An Introduction to Marketing

An Introduction to Marketing

Have you ever thought of running your own business or managing a department in a large corporation? Maybe you would like to work for a government agency or a nonprofit service organization. Or maybe, let’s just say you’re an average consumer looking for good deals on the goods and services you buy. In any of these cases, it will serve you well to learn about introduction marketing.

In our modern society, the impact of marketing is everywhere. It seems as if anything can be marketed including goods, services, ideas, places, even people like when campaign advisers market a political candidate or when you market yourself to get a better job.

Technically speaking, marketing is the process of developing, pricing, promoting and distributing goods, services and ideas to satisfy the needs of customers.

First, notice that marketing is a process not a single event and it goes on continuously. Just as marketers begin distributing a new product, customer needs may change or new competitive products could arrive on the scene. Marketers must be ever vigilant to maintain their competitive edge.

Second, marketing means more than just advertising or selling.Marketing is a broad discipline that touches almost every aspect of an organization’s activities, including how products are developed, priced, promoted and delivered to the customer.

Finally, marketing is primarily about satisfying the needs of customers. Although good marketers keep one eye on their company’s sales and profits, their primary target is customer satisfaction. Successfully identifying and satisfying customer needs generally leads to financial success for the organization.

Good marketing can mean the difference between success and failure in business. And it’s a high stakes game. Billions of dollars are in play each year. If you have a good idea for a business or a new product, you can increase your chances for success by using the tools and techniques of marketing.

Consider a product that you know and use regularly. In marketing, the term product can mean a good, a service, or an idea. Which company markets this products? How do you think the idea for this product was generated? How is this product priced relative to the competition? How is it distributed or delivered to customers? Where did you purchase this products? Why did you buy it? Are you satisfied with this product? Why or why not?

As a marketer you can probably get customers to come once but if you don’t meet their expectations, chances are that they won’t come back. Advise Marketing.