How Not to Get Overwhelmed When Marketing Your Services

How Not to Get Overwhelmed When Marketing Your Services

I’m a firm believer that we make marketing far too hard on ourselves. Way too complex. It’s one thing to have a multi-step marketing system after you’ve put in place the basics. However, if you attempt to go from having no marketing system, to one with 18 steps, it’s no wonder why so many people give up in frustration.

It’s a bit like golf. My instructor tells me about cocking my wrists, keeping the club shaft parallel to the ground and body weight transfer. My mind goes numb with all the advice. The reality is that my golf shot will pretty much do what I want it to do if I just keep my head down and quit looking up to see where the ball is going.

The point is that when we keep things simple, good things happen. True in golf. True in life. True in marketing. So here’s my advice to you for keeping the process of getting more new clients simple, less frustrating and much more productive.

First, create something that you think your target audience would be interested in receiving. This should be something that you can give away for free. It might be an article, recording of a speech you gave, video, piece of software, book, assessment, or something else. The important point is that it should be something that your particular niche is interested in. This usually this means that it focuses on a problem they’re suffering from.

How do you find out what the best topic is? The easiest way is to simply ask them. Put together a quick survey and send it out to those who are on your mailing list. The offer should be something you can send electronically at zero cost, rather than a free consultation. That’s not to say that a free consultation is a bad offer to make, you just don’t want to offer it at the very beginning.

Secondly, create a one-page microsite that promotes the free offer. That’s all it does. In effect it’s a long form sales letter with a single purpose which is to motivate your visitors to opt-in to get the free offer.

When people opt-in, their contact information goes into what’s called an autoresponder. That’s basically a database that then enables you to send these people additional messages and eventually turn large percentages of them into paying clients.

Finally, promote the one page microsite and get people to come to it. There are lots of ways to do that including, online advertising, social media, direct mail, blogs, joint ventures, articles, white papers, books, PR, direct sales, speeches, webinars, telemarketing and teleconferences.

These are the three components of marketing. All you need to do is start with first component and progress from there. By all means don’t start with final component since you’ll spend money driving prospects to a website from which they bounce off. It’s somewhat difficult to build a relationship with someone if they don’t leave any record of who they are when they come to visit.

The bottom line is that there’s simply no reason why anyone can’t have an effective marketing system up and running inside of 30-45 days. Advise Marketing.