Financial Adviser Marketing – The 15 Minute Marketer

Financial Adviser Marketing – The 15 Minute Marketer

A power strategy to get more prospects, clients, and income over the long-term is to call on the seemingly small things that can make a BIG Marketing difference. Then, use them regularly over time.

To qualify as “little” strategies, they must take 15 minutes a day or less to do, yet make an immense impact on your fees and income for 2009.

Five 15-Minute Marketing Tactics
That Can Make A Huge Difference

First, Prospect Follow-up Calls

We’ll start with an easy one, because this will take closer to 15 minutes a week.

If you look at the national averages, you will see that 70% of prospect leads generated by marketing do not get the proper follow-up. Even 5 calls a week by yourself or someone on your team as part of your lead nurture and conversion strategy could mean one extra client per month.

Second, Communicate with ‘B’ and ‘C’ Clients in Bunches

One of the ways to get bogged down in a financial practice is to spend most of your time working with smaller clients who are only marginally profitable and not investing more heavily in nurturing and multiplying your ‘A’ clients.

We don’t suggest that you stop talking with your smaller clients. A great time-saving strategy, however, is to start communicating with your ‘B’ and ‘C’ clients in bunches.

Do annual reviews, for example, rather than quarterly ones. Consider a letter, website, email, or webinar to provide updates and handle most questions.

Third, Let Others Market for You

When you get a referral, someone else is effectively part of your marketing staff. Follow through with an energetic referrals campaign.

Another way is to sponsor an event where someone else does the promotion to his or her list and speaks, and you introduce the event and capture leads opportunistically. That’s but one additional way of letting others help market for you.

Fourth, Add Just One Prospect to Your Database Every Week

It goes without saying that that the quickest way to build a bigger client list is to have a bigger prospect list.

Even just taking one networking contact or business card per week – and making sure that individual gets in the prospect database – can mean 50 extra prospects per year. For many advisers, that translates into a few more new clients, too.

Fifth, Re-Activate Marketing That Works

Many times advisers build up their practice in the early years with active marketing. But over time, or as they get busier, they stop marketing that works.

Simply re-activating a ‘paused,’ winning strategy can give you the forward momentum you need to breakthrough to a new level.

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