6 Reasons To Employ A Content Marketing Adviser

6 Reasons To Employ A Content Marketing Adviser

More and more businesses in B2B markets are moving away from traditional push and towards pull marketing. However, content (pull) marketing is not as simple as it may first appear. This article examines if there is any value in employing a B2B content marketing adviser.

In a recent survey by CMI / Outbrain of small (10-99 employee) businesses the most challenging aspects of content marketing were identified as (in priority order):

• Producing enough content.
• Producing engaging content.
• Producing a variety of content.
• Inability to measure results.

Another issue to add to the mix is perhaps the most important – the content marketing strategy and plan. Without a strong plan consistent delivery of content is likely to be compromised, targeting content at particular customer groups will be poor and there will be no benchmark to use to monitor results.

Employing an experienced adviser can address all of the above issues as they will have the skills to

• Support and/or deliver the strategic marketing planning process.
• Research and identify customer groups and the best channels to reach those groups.
• Identify existing information within the business to convert to valuable content.
• Identify those within the business able to deliver valuable market insights and comment.
• Manage the project.
• Deliver rigorous measurement processes.

A combination of research skills and delivery channel experience is required both to establish what content is of value to which customer groups and where those groups source information. Without this information in place before starting the process time and effort will be wasted. Therefore, this task is often best outsourced to specialists or a marketing adviser employed to guide the existing marketing team.

Another set of eyes delivered by a specialist outsourced marketing agency or a marketing adviser may be best to identify what information may be converted to engaging, useful content from the mass of information held by the business. In every organisation there are those with a relevant and valuable view on what is happening in the marketplace (or with products / technology) that may be identified by an external agency with the relevant experience of what works and what does not.

External agencies are often best placed to deliver project management as they are not burdened by day to day issues within the business causing a distraction. They also have the experience to deliver the required measurement processes to check the marketing process is working to its full potential and where improvements may be made.

There is little doubt a content marketing process is best run using an in house team as any business will be better placed than any external party to understand its customers and prospects, the market, technology and products and the competition. However, certain parts of the process are often best delivered by an outsourced marketing agency with specialist skills and experience that can add real value. A B2B content marketing adviser may deliver the same benefits as an outsourced agency but as they prime role is to guide and advise they tend to leave behind a range of skills within the in house marketing team. Advise Marketing.